BitCoin & Monero mining without a strong server


In the next some pages I will show how to earn money with BitCoin mining. You can earn some money with it without any investment. All you need is a laptop or computer, internet connection and a bank card for the registration. You will not spend any cents from your card, this is only for the registration.

The first step

is to CLICK HERE and download this browser. I suggest to use it on your phone and/or on your laptop/tablet/computer. You can register with Gmail or social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, VK etc. After the first registration, you can log in in any device and mine to your account with browsing on any of your device.

Here is the first trick.

Register for a free Amazon server. CLICK HERE!

After the registration, follow these steps.

Choose EC2

Create Instance

Choose “Free tier eligible” MS Windows server

Choose “Free tier eligible” micro server

Go to Instances on the left menu and stat and connect to the server. This is easy.

I will not make screenshots of it, because this is very easy. When you logged in to your free server, open the Explorer, go to and click on the banner on the right widget area to download the browser to there too.

Log in to your account and start mining.

Now let’s talk about mining Monero.

This is another option to earn money on your devices, but mostly on your free server.

CLICK HERE and register. You can do it on the server, but you can use this on any device too.

This is very simple. Just log in and use the local miner. Start and let it run.

With these 2 options, you can earn Bitcoin and Monero without any extra effort.


You can earn extra profit by inviting your friends to mine the same way. After they registered through your referral link, you can simply ask them to register for a free server and run it. You can send this link to them after they registered (you will receive the commission).

You can find your referral links at both site’s bottom.