The FreeBitco.In Strategy – 2019.04.05 (Result: +0.00007646Ƀ)



A new day started and I feel the power to make a nice profit today. I decided that from today I will play the HI-LO game with lower amount if I reach 5% profit. Start making money!

The first HI-LO game finished with 3264 satoshis profit.


After the 2nd ROLL, the 2nd HI-LO game also finished with profit.


From now, I will hunt for only 1000 satoshis each time I will play and I will finish after the 2 loss.

Another ROLL and another game with 1001 satoshis profit.


And the 4th winner game in a row.


The first loss of the day.


And another loss, so I finished for today.


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